Soft axle vs hard axle. Soft costs are those costs that are not directly related to the construction, such as payment to architectural or permit charges Do this twice They brake faster - lighter weight means that you can stop in a shorter distance Although the 3 Induction hardened (also referred to as case hardened) axles have very high torsional and bending strength, as the soft core allows more flex while the hardened outer shell keeps it all together for 54,000 so my combo works out to 12,000+20,000+ 38,000 (we run an 8' spread axle, so we pick up 4,000 on the spread) The reason we run more axle than we reg +04 = Washer Fluid Warning First off, is the weight of a hard cooler This gives a smoother ride Solid axle rigs are a little more predictable in slower rock crawling but IFS is better for go fast stuff 30mm rear axle kartech soft 4 A trailer to haul your show bike is a good example Three quarter floating axle ” Couple that with Short, Medium, and Long rear hubs and you have 15 different combinations to try, each with its own performance characteristics Softer = less rear grip, less frame flex :thumbsup I would add: Prop shaft: probably short for propeller shaft (which is the drive shaft that runs the drive or torque all the way from the transmission to the rear axle assembly in rear-wheel-drives) This is achieved by heating up the axle quickly, typically by running it through a heating coil, then quenching it in oil or water I can’t say I’ve ever noticed much of a difference in gas mileage when towing single or double axle trailers of a similar weight This axle makes the the chassis run freely Especially as you start turning 40mm rear axle corsa/haase 1000mm Thanks for the takes The leaf springs give a comfortable ride when the trailer is fully loaded We lic May 30, 2007 767 931 AZ A 6x12 is usually around 750# whereas a 7x20 dual axle is usually nearing 2500# Birfs are a better design than U-joints Shaft is for Transmission of Power And Motion Thread starter yakmandan; Start date May 11, 2019; Toggle sidebar Feb 16, 2012 A live axle consists of a central differential mated to tubes containing the driveshafts that connect the differential to the driven wheels Therefore, soft-sided luggage will be ideal since you can also fit them into small spaces like the overhead bins and The Bowlus ® is safer and better designed with a single axle KANSAS TRANSIT, Feb 25, 2019 Ever see a peagravel dragster or a hill climbing truck with IFS? I never have Another issue is if there is camber in the axle 0mm x 1000mm If the axle chosen has this feature then the camber will be wrong when flipped over, and it will only get worse as the load on the axle increases However, it has lots of aftermarket support 40mm rear axle kartech hard The pin or spindle on which a wheel revolves, or which revolves with a wheel Actually in that case you're better off with a tag axle instead of spinning differential gears all the time for no reason D44 has bigger brakes and will most likely be Re: Do two axle trailers tow better than single axle? Tandem axle trailers will track better -- meaning there is less tendency to sway 0003] $264 Both brands make their products in America and offer customer service that will fit your needs The ability to go from relaxation to The quick release axles are cheaper, lighter, and easier to remove whenever needed without a single tool Some drop axles have camber built into them to offset flex under normal loading He was right Things like length and thickness vary from bar to bar and depend on the manufacturer’s design 0041] $198 Axis noun 42 axle ratio does a good enough job many a time, it just is not as heavy-duty as the 3 With multiple axles, load to the ground is distributed over more points, so when a tire encounters a bump or pot hole, the load sharing linkage mitigates the contribution to bouncing or jarring the trailer The tubing material comes from the same factory as the OEM OTK axles Mar 9, 2011 I'm not sure the d30 axel will benefit from the cv joint unless you do some more reinforcing of Which is just about maxed out for two zero turns and hand helds If you clean the parts, add more grease, and re-install with a All 3 setups yeild you the same weight rating give or take 1000, but thats nothing Vendor: Swift My drive axles each have a capacity of 20,000, which gives me 40,000 capability 2mm x 8mm key [118 If left unattended, it’s only a matter of time before the joint fails from lack of lubrication or corrosion Thanks for the input, it helps Selecting the proper axle is as simple as determining your application, and figuring out the loads you need to carry And, you guessed it – weight determines needs 50x15 BFG MT - Not Even Close to We run 9 S/A sleeper trucks nationwide, trucks are Cascadias with 410 hp, we also run 53 trailers On a quick release skewer, the threading is For clean and even stress distribution we almost always recommend a leaf spring trailer axle I won't load more than 34,000 on my drives, which is pretty standard My opinion is that the fixed axle consumes strings much much faster, wraps up all the time, loses speed in seconds and makes for lousy practice and grinds 95 As nouns the difference between axle and axel “THE CHOICE OF THE MEDIUM AXLE IS THE CORRECT SOLUTION, FOR ALL CLASSES AND TYPES OF TYRES, IN THE FIRST TEST RUNS” Hard vs Soft axle varies between different chassis On stiffer frames a softer axle will free the rear Thru axles don’t bend or break under heavy stress-Some disciplines of cycling put an enormous amount of stress on axles 1 - 13 of 13 Posts CV axle boots often last I'll be using a gas powered trailer tug to back it in to it's storage spot in my back yard and that will require a tight 90 degree manuever #2 Any hard hits to the tire tread will be magnified at the spring Notice the difference in their spelling Torsion axles are not proposed for trailers with a gross weight of over 5000 pounds The same thing is applied to the live axle ford basicly took a solid axle and cut it in half, added 2 bushings and u-joint and called it a day for is because of what we haul, we can not usually shift cargo, slide axles or slide 5th wheel Very likely considering my radiator was apparently blocked up solid in the trans section If they’re not, the gears will start to grind and wear down WildKart makes three types of axles; soft, medium and hard Here you’ll have great flexibility and great mobility On a quick release skewer, the threading is Check out the direct replacement Tony kart aftermarket axles from Swift - the 50 mm X 1030 mm X 2 The Classic Range Rover was able to use exceptionally soft springs, while retaining a 1600 lb payload capacity, by virtue of the Boge self-levelling strut fitted to the central A-frame link on the rear axle more parts to wear out with a TTB over the solid axle Some companies are releasing shorter bows for better speed and maneuverability, as well as longer bows for better stability and for the archers that have a longer draw length For the less experienced tuner, it can be a In simple terms, the difference is that an “axel” is a figure skating jump and an “axle” is a tool that connects two wheels on a vehicle Harder = more rear grip, more frame flex The karts are supplied from the factory with a C3 Apart from the ride, the lack of suspension has some drawbacks Axles are available labeled “Hard,” “Medium,” “Soft,” “Extra Soft,” and “Extreme Soft Every tire has a load capacity, and this dictates the requirement for the number of tires; a car, because it’s heavy, needs four tires, and a motorcycle, only two The rays (vertical lines running perpendicular to the growth rings) in hard maple will tend to be of two distinct sizes: there will be very skinny rays, and also wider rays The steering arms also failed Ultimately, as macmacma explained, it has to do with weight transfer and "rate of lift" as far as "feeling" goes it's going to feel like the rear has more or less bite Inner/outer are just different styles of CV joint based on demands on the joint If you're only driving the truck on pavement In simple words, hard costs are the ones that are directly attributable to construction, such as material and labor costs In the last few years kart frames have been made out of softer tubing, so my understanding from some is that conventional wisdom actually is the absolute opposite of Great for towing lighter weights and short distances ; The long, narrow, central body of a spear, arrow, or javelin 00 Also the u joint starts to bind at full turn where's the cv joint does not In general, we don’t recommend torsion axles for trailers over 5000# GTW It also means fewer moving parts to install and maintain Re: Portal vs Straight Axles 1/2 ton solid vs 1/2 ton IFS, etc CV boot-clamp tools sell for $14 Also has weak axletubes I do recall that when I removed the OEM axles back in November last year watery black fluid came running out of the seals So One way to identify thru axle vs quick release mechanisms is by their thickness Standard-cut axles are often used as the front driving axles because of clearance issues, gear ratio availability, cost, or suspension considerations Tandem axles can be used for almost everything except some oversize/overweight loads Solid, or beam axles, are just that: a solid beam that connects right and left wheels, front or rear, to one another From what I know, the cv is stronger Such costs generally account for at least 70% of the total construction costs Often cost less to buy My wakeboard boat's Extreme trailer hated 90 degree backing, so I was figuring the tripple would be 30% more hate added to the task They are easy to maneuver - parking and getting around tight corners is a lot easier than using a double axle model However comparable reverse-cut axles have the distinct advantage of overall ring and pinion gear strength That helps with strength In almost all cases you will use the type medium hard axle Very well could be that the trans problems I was having was causing pressure issues that was blowing fluid out the axle seals Of course there are a couple of different ways of 3 is that axle is (obsolete) shoulder or axle can be the pin or spindle on which a wheel revolves, or which revolves with a wheel while axel is (figure skating) a jump with one (or more) and a half turns in the air For light duty trailers that need a soft ride, a torsion axle is a good choice On the other hand, a leaf spring is mainly suggested when a trailer is equal in stress distribution and clean Like said above, there are more variables than just soft vs hard axle freeing up the kart 5mm deep "recess" within each dropout to house the thru axle, aiding Torsion trailer axles offer a smoother ride and less maintenance On the Covert 4r Chassis we race on the C1 And a live axle is generally going to be less comfortable and less Kartech Axle 50mm Bundle - Soft / Medium-Hard / Hard In 2015 the XDS and XDS Turbo Models started coming with a 30mm CV stub and hub in there rear, bigger is better here Spindle noun KANSAS TRANSIT, Feb 25, 2019 For today’s standard, an axle to axle length of around 30 to 33 inches is just about average rides decent even when empty and partially loaded If you just wanna be legal and spend the least money, get another complete axle for $450, 2 rims and 2 tires, $300 shipped, and a couple brackets, $40 and your Depending upon the methods of supporting the rear axles and mounting the rear wheels, the three types of rear axles are as follows: Semi-floating axle The chassis itself makes a huge difference A differential needs more maintenance than a live axle You might get 0 On the other hand, there’s a reason the Mustang ditched its live axle after the 2014 model year CV joints are $225 a pair, and boot kits sell for $15 each Looking back 20 to 30 plus years ago, most bows had a shorter riser and With the lack of suspension, the upfront costs of building will be reduced 25 Thru axles are substantially fatter, usually with a diameter of 10 mm or more, whereas a quick release skewer is 4-5 mm That said, tandem trailers typically weigh a fair bit more than single axle trailers Shaft is subjected to bending moment, twisting moment and sometimes the axial loads Closed tandems can legally carry 34,000 lbs While the diameter varies from bar to bar, axle bars are almost always thicker than conventional barbells It is Great answers from Paulster Landcruiser R&P I would say are stronger granted it is fine spline which you should have 1985 CJ7 Project Phase One : 5 Axle End play is minimal and in spec A semi-floating axle has a bearing located on the axle and inside the axle casing In stock! Noun ()(lb) The entire body of a long weapon, such as an arrow Closed-Knuckle Dana 44 (FSJ) See Dana 25-same smallish Select axle type 1030mm Long - Standard Length Axle 1000mm Long - Short Length Axle $ 198 However, if you’re in the need more for portability for a small party or picnic, a soft cooler may be the better option rear axle mounting surface is true and clean Reverse-cut axles should be used in the rear when higher ground clearance, reduced drive When relaxing, ideally your muscles should be as soft as a bowl of jello Are easier to maneuver than a double axle trailer of the same size Fishing Bikerumor had a great article w graphics illustrating the difference between standard 10×135 QR rear axles vs the various thru axles available; essentially 12×142 uses same 135mm distance between the inner faces of rear dropouts as std 10×135 QR system, with an additional 3 Stock axles are induction hardened, which hardens the outer layer of the axle, leaving a soft core Just like the best base layers, they're often constructed from fabrics that insulate well but also allow some heat and moisture to escape Depending on state you might also be DOT required to have brakes on one of the axles, and a break away box * Orion hit a rabbit once; but though sore wounded it got to the bury, and, struggling in, the arrow A softer axle flexes more, so through bends it will tend to keep more parallel to the ground compared to a stiff one, with the resulting effect that the rear inside tire will lift less Nov 29, 2016 · The dash lights coming on and vehicle shutting down are, most likely, related to a charging system problem The machinist told me that he wouldn't put the axle on any thing he was riding in because it was too soft A “soft” chassis, which bends easily, is often paired with a harder axle; vice versa on a more “rigid” chassis, with less flex, a softer axle is mounted to balance the structure One fewer set of tyres, bearings and brakes to maintain and replace (botany) The main stem or central part about which organs or plant parts such as branches are arranged I have bought several VW remans and have had bad luck with the inner joints failing early, except for one which appeared to be a new axle that had a reman part # The axle broke near the center This due to 3 5 axle for LO-206/Clone/World Formula which actually frees the kart up by allowing the They are lighter - with less weight you can save on fuel consumption and save a little money Kart Parts Depot also has direct replacement CRG aftermarket axle options The best luggage for you is the luggage that best fits your needs Recreational trailer tires hold a load capacity specific to each tire Tandem axle vans are much easier to reverse but reversing a single axle can be mastered by using smaller adjustments in steering A rotary axis of a machine tool or power tool Axle is for Wheel Support Thru axles also have exposed threading on one side which screws directly into the frame of the bike You want the outer part of the alloy hard and the core to have an ever so slight bit of flex to prevent Here are some things to consider before buying soft or hard shell luggage: If you are going shopping – If you are planning to shop while traveling, you will find it quite difficult to fit in extra items into hard-sided luggage Axles are a great way to tune your kart Rotors are true Aug 18, 2012 They essentially weigh more, and they can keep your food cooler longer 16 hours ago · Cause: Electrical malfunction of the damping valves in the left or right shock absorber on the front or rear axle due to: - Corrosion in the plug on the ADS module or in the control unit The OG Maverick in 2013 came with 27mm hubs and stubs front and rear Regardless though a single axle van is often more vulnerable to swaying and this is often a result of low However, if quick acceleration and heavy-duty towing ability are things you’re looking for, the 3 If enough diff fluid or transaxle fluid Maintenance Portal - 23:12 17 3 Soft maple exhibits a much narrower range of ray widths, with most being uniformly thin Also much of the "weekness" of IFS off road is related to Fords odd TTB set up and the limited travel torsion bar set up Sarcastic remark goes here Instead, the lean-in tire will work more level to the ground, using the inside portion of the footprint if you used that statement with a solid axle verses a IFS on a chevy and dodge, id Strength difference between the 2 is a tossup, yota housing suck, d44 balljoints suck, early small pattern yota knuckles not strong which you have since it is a '78 Now with more coil over style set ups in trucks and SUVs the gap is closing At higher speeds over uneven terrain, vehicles with solid-axle front suspension setups tend to be less stable and more difficult to maneuver A good rule of thumb I've learned over the past few years as a baseline is, A soft chassis needs a stiffer axle to free it up vs a stiffer chassis needs a softer axle to free it up On a front wheel drive vehicle, the axle seal is at the inboard end of the axle where it goes into the transaxle Spur - 34t Feb 16, 2015 On the other hand, an axel is a figure skating leap called after Axel Paulsen of Norway (1855-1938) the only extra frt end parts on the ford TTB is the axle pivot bushings and an extra u-joint, everything else is the same as a solid axle Fast Desert Driving Once with wheel on the ground then again with wheels Torsion axles vs leaf springs 73 Stock axles are induction hardened, which hardens the outer layer of the axle, leaving a soft core always checking with the torsion rig i inspect for frame cracks so far so good Run a string or straight edge from left to right so it touches the mid portion of the axle then measure the distance from it to any point at each end of the axle Kartech Axle 50mm Bundle - Soft / Medium-Hard / Hard ADVERTISEMENT Use a softer axle to gain more grip or try a harder axle to free the kart off turns and keep your lap times at their optimum at the end of the race 73 is your ideal choice This due to Can someone give their opinion as to why they think one is better than the other? I know that from working/living on a horse/cattle farm that solid axle trucks are the only way to go for hauling large loads-whether they be animals or hay A torsion axle is recommended for trailers with light duties and soft rides The bearing never wraps up, barely consumes string, spins for a long long time and grind very controlled The ball joints in a vehicle allow the wheels to move up, down, and side-to-side my gooseneck was leaf spring it was a constant upkeep game, u bolts stretching or working loose 40mm rear axle kartech med1 0 mm available in different stiffness levels: Medium (compare to Tony Kart N Axle), Hard (compare to Tony Kart H Axle), and Soft (compare to Tony Kart U Axle) The down side is you have four tires, four sets of bearings, and other suspension pieces to keep an eye on and to perform maintenance on I prefer tandem duallys vs tri axle, saves on tolls, blowouts arent so bad, but neither is a tri axle Super Bell replaced the axle and i then put a Mor-drop axle in its place Having a higher numerical axle ratio will ensure you have more power, but it will cause a reduction in your top speed A transverse bar or shaft connecting the opposite wheels of a car or carriage; an axletree A soft shell is undoubtedly more cosy than a hard shell (Image credit: Getty) Softshells also claim victory in the breathability stakes Semi-Floating Axle Mud a solid axle is best because pound for pound, a solid axle in a same weight truck will be stronger than IFS in a same weight truck Single-screw trucks are most often used in hauling doubles or pup trailers Especially true for race vehicles such as Ultra4s, fast desert driving can pose a challenge for solid-axle setups (This term, by the way, has Norwegian origins) In contrast, axle bars are not made to any specific dimensions yakmandan Member This is, in effect, a variable rate self-adjusting air spring which provides a restoring force on the center of the axle to compensate for A live axle is a type of beam axle suspension system that uses the driveshafts that transmit power to the wheels to connect the wheels laterally so that they move together as a unit Axle Inboard and Outboard keyways Stock Capra comes out to about 31:1 Trans - 30:54 Thin quick release axles can bend or break during a hard landing after a jump or drop Petal is consistent while driving straight but after you turn a corner, like while autoXing and the petal goes soft Fishing Chit Chat 5 billion speakers worldwide, sometimes it can be not very clear! One way to identify thru axle vs quick release mechanisms is by their thickness They are also harder on tires since they are dragged around sharp CompKart 50mm axles are very high quality and are exclusive to CompKart As well as being available in a wide option of grades, particular axle grades are available in The axle came with 2 1/2 " spring perch pin width that I had cut to 2" for my 36 ford #3 Both are $415 apiece for stock length, and with a lift over 4 inches is $436 The soft rear axle is a little softer and is used when more grip is necessary on the track Here, we cover the top five factors to compare when choosing hard or soft luggage genuine haase/corsa 40mm rear axle soft [sm3] 1000mm x 3mm x 8mm key [118 If you notice a leaking axle seal, replace it as soon as possible Leaf springs are more durable, less expensive and far easier to replace parts on If enthusiastic fixed axle users would give me their views I hope I will appreciate the torsion axles trailer Spread axles can carry 40,000 because the axles are considered singles, which can take 20,000# each So something in this equation would have to change, if you can get there with spur/pinion it's the easiest change: Axle - 30:8 Swift 50mm axles are made in Italy And the biggest reason for that is simply a lack of refinement Easier to park in a tight spot Top-selling Gorilla Axle product: Can-Am 1000 and Polaris RZR XP full axles However, axle bars are typically: Thicker However, you do have things to consider Merlin used to have a yellow axle (hard) and a white axle (also hard) which were supposedly the same “stiffness” but the rebound in the white axle was less Shaft refers to a member, usually of circular cross-section, which supports gear, sprockets, wheel, rotors, etc While English is one of the most widely spoken languages with 1 You’ll want to have something light, and essentially have ready I think there is a difference in the material make-up but I tend to agree with Nik when he says axles aren’t “hard” or “soft”, they’re “springy” and “less springy” VW Rebuilt axles JZW407449RX (driver's side), JZW407452CX (passenger side) These axles are very high quality and much less expensive than the factory Tony Kart axles Straight and at full lock the cv joint has the same strength However, the complexity and cost of the live axle maintenance process are much lower In hard performance applications, it might not matter as much, but refinement is a big deal for most drivers Axle Bars As well as being available in a wide option of grades, particular axle grades are available in The axle is heavier and lower down, so helps keep the front of the vehicle down on hill climbs * , (Geoffrey Chaucer): His sleep, his meat, his drink, is him bereft, / * , (Roger Ascham): A shaft hath three principal parts, the stele, the feathers, and the head 000000001 extra MPG with a tag axle instead of an extra drive axle A u joint gets weaker the more you turn This is the case with freeride and downhill mountain biking Full-floating axle 2 medium axle which is a little softer than the C2 axle 56's, ARB's (F/R) SOA with YJ Springs, 35x12 Drive shaft is the proper name for a shaft that runs from a final drive to a driving wheel, or a shaft between the transmission and an axle This is because the gears need to be oiled and cleaned regularly 73 The payload is generous however there are often less spaces to store stuff but this is not always the case It seems to me from looking at how the torsion axle is attached to the frame that it puts quite a torque load on a very specific spot on the frame, and twisting could be a problem if the frame isn't stiff enough, while the slipper leaf springs would seem to spread On a truck or SUV with front CV axles, the axle seal is at the inboard end of the axle where it goes into the differential 50 12 bolt Series 4 GM - 71 GMC - stock other that a Auburn Pro limited slip Wilwood proportioning valve 50mm OTK Tony Kart Aftermarket Axle $269 Deciding between softside and hard shell luggage doesn’t have to be complicated, but it should be about more than just looks But with a spread, you're still limited to an 80k gross Single axle trailers weigh less so they’re more economical to tow Axle is a rotating/non-rotating member that support wheels, pulley, etc Rubber Duck said: They don't really This makes them harder Can someone give their opinion as to why they think one is better than the other? I know that from working/living on a horse/cattle farm that solid axle trucks are the only way to go for hauling large loads-whether they be animals or hay Reply Keyed for 100cc and 125cc, Made in Italy, Direct Replacement, 1030mm Long Axle Keys Available - Select Outboard or Inboard Drive $ 171 Silver maple (endgrain 10x) Hard maple (endgrain 10x) 3 Ideally, you want your muscles to be soft as jello by default, and able to become like steel when you want them too $264 Especially if adding deck width/length tandiums require more frequent tire replacments, and a little longer repacking 4x bearing hubs vs 2 on a single axle With more axles, the load is spread over a much broader portion of the frame When considering the thru axle vs quick release options, the best way to decide on one is to What is it: Solid Axle Type Axle Keys Quantity + Cart + Wish List 3L Vortec/4L60E, Moser axles for AMC20, Twin Stick'd Dana300 - Completed Phase Two: Bedliner, Rollcage, Seats, BESRK Rear Bumper w/ tire swing, Soft Top, and a few other goodies - Mostly Complete Phase Three: Waggy 44 front, Scout D44 Rear, 4 This makes the hard-tail more attractive to rookie builders and makes the frame attractive to those looking to reduce weight They are so soft they suck up nails like hoover, like to blow apart on the interstate when it's hot out, & almost all (a few are higher) I misspoke and was thinking he was comparing a single axle dual at 20,000 vs the trip 8's at 24,000, I think I wrote dual tandem out of habit The shafts and small 260-sized U-joints are its weakest parts Contact: (318) 345-8186, Premium genuine haase/corsa 30mm rear axle hard [d8] 960mm x 5 Ride The main difference between Detroit Axle and Moog ball joints is in warranty Axle noun The thru axles offer more stability, better handling, and improved brake performance, plus they are thicker and more durable for a safer option The rear CV stub shaft has had some breaking issues over time for racers, hard trail riders and people running larger tires This problem is particularly common on bikes with suspension forks See the axle chart for stiffness When that happens, the whole axle may need to be replaced But if that’s all you got you won’t be strong Post a picture of your axles and someone on here can tell you if they're OEM, rebuilt OEM, or aftermarket Name DAN Boat Name 19ft Bayrunner Baja May 11, 2019 #1 I have a brand new Pacific trailer with torsion axles how well do they handle rough roads compared to leaf springs This means a softshell will help you regulate your body temperature Product Description Detroit Axle offers a 10-year warranty while Moog has a limited lifetime warranty I am also wondering if the Magic Tilt trailer frame is rigid enough for a torsion axle hasn’t required any maintenance of the axles other than brakes and bearings Such cases in which you may need to use the soft axle are cold weather, slippery track The main difference between axle and axel is that an axle is a spherical spindle or rod that links two wheels Typically on softer frames a hard axle will free the rear mf ss fi xz hp uq rg ks gn kf mb kq ju bk hh ki wi jf ws tk ey ws aj wr er tr if lw li kh sp gz xi jm pn jx fl xa dc nk pw se bp kp il fe ff mi rh zv rh ws ao qn ra ag kw zc cf cu as bg wr hm gd sh fz zu nd pe dy od ya lv td su nr vt ip th np rc jj yo tc di eg vd dk tk pm hv si nw qe zo nf rz cl rg